The challenge of 2016

Challenge 2016You will probably know the story of the boy throwing starfish into the sea after thousands had washed onto the beach overnight. A man asks him why is he bothering, since there were so many starfish he couldn’t save them all. The man says; ‘All your efforts are not going to make much difference to these thousands and the boy replies; ‘It makes a difference to this one’ as he throws it into the sea. With all the needs in our world we can’t do everything, but we can play our part.

That’s why today I’m encouraging all of us to look to one way we might take a step forward in achieving our part in God’s mission for our church family of St Hilda’s. Is there one thing you might achieve this year to take a step forward in your worship of God? Is there one thing you can do that will mean by the end of the year you will have grown in Christ? Is there one way you might be able to share the love of Jesus in the next twelve months that will mean under God, progress is made in declaring that love to all the world?

We could easily conclude that to effectively Worship God, Grow in Christ and Share the love of Jesus are things that will never be fully achieved this side of eternity. But God doesn’t call us to be effective, (that’s His job) and he doesn’t call us to fully achieve the mission, he just calls us to be faithful.

You and I have the privilege of playing our part in all God is doing in His world. He’s especially put us in our jobs, our neighborhood, our church so that we can fulfill his calling on our life. Please pray that God may convict you of what steps He wants you personally to take in the challenge  that is 2016. In the end we want to be able to look back on this year and say that whatever else happened, I served my Lord to the best of my ability and while I might not have achieved all that could  have been  done, God in  his mercy worked in and through me for his glory. (Matthew 25’34-40)

Ray Robinson.

If you want to listen to the talk when this challenge was announced you will find it at the end of this page, called Finish With The Word Before You.

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