Take the Anglicare Challenge!

Anglicare LogoA customer came into the Campbelltown Anglicare shop and gave the manager a box as a present. Upon opening, it contained a heart shaped bottle of perfume and a simple handwritten note saying “Thank you for keeping me alive!”

The manager was puzzled and asked what it was about and the lady said “thank you – you don’t know what you’ve done” As she began sharing her story, the customer recalled how she had planned to take her life 2 weeks before and had purchased the tablets for an overdose. On that day on her way home, she happened to visit the shop. The manager had no idea of what was going on in this lady’s life that day but could see she seemed upset and distressed. So she just welcomed and encouraged her with words and a simple hug.

As a result of this interaction, the lady went home and flushed the tablets down the toilet and to this day she still comes into the shop as a customer.

A powerful story of a life changed by loving Christian care.

Our own Anglicare shop sees many people facing a range of struggling circumstances and we have a tremendous opportunity to show the love of Jesus to them. Volunteers at the shop help in a number of ways tagging clothes, speaking with customers etc. Stephanie has issued us a challenge to spend a couple of hours in the shop to see just what goes on and then get together to brainstorm about ways we could develop this ministry. If you’d like to be part of this challenge you just need to talk to Steph who will be at the 10.30 service or you can just wander into the Anglicare shop and line it up.

We’ll program an afternoon tea down the track once a few people have had the shop experience. I’m looking forward to being part of it, who knows what opportunities and ideas might come out of it.

Will you take the Anglicare Challenge?

Ray Robinson

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