Stupid Religion?

So, how do you respond to this news clip I received this week?
Ms Ricchi raised her three children with pagan values, but now as young adults aged 17, 18 and 20 they were free to choose their own beliefs. One has chosen the Greek pantheon, another the Nordic gods and the other has embraced an unexpected belief system.
“One of them is looking at, believe it or not, Pokémon as a form of religion and I have no right to say, ‘Oh that’s a stupid religion’ because it’s not,” she said. “To him it’s the most important thing in the world.”
I’m interested that a parent might think it’s legitimate to have Pokémon as your religion. I can fully believe that Pokémon might be the ‘most important thing in the world’ to some teenagers. But to have parents encourage them to make it their religion, speaks to me as to how bankrupt the pagan world view is on a number of fronts.
What really is stupid religion? If all I have to give me hope in life is Pokémon, I am greatly to be pitied, though I suspect Pokémon may be a much better faith than trusting in the Greek pantheon or Nordic gods.

The Bible tells us the Word of God became flesh and dwelt amongst us. Jesus demonstrated he was God amongst us in many ways, and he came to love and to save and to reveal the nature, plan and wonder of the one who made all things. The great sadness is that the great majority of the world prefers the likes of the Pokémon god, for it makes no call on us, so we can continue being our own god.
That is a great sadness, for we know not what we lose in a relationship with the living God. Indeed, his call on us to fulfill our part of the relationship in repentance and faith is nothing short of the beginning of many blessings he loves to pour out on his people. I’ll leave you to decide what is the ‘stupid religion’…
As Jesus said, we can be willing to lose our life and gain it, or we can seek to gain our life and end up with Pokémon (Ray Robinson’s translation of Luke 9:24).

Ray Robinson

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