St Hilda’s and Anglicare – partners in care

Today we welcome Roger Green from Anglicare to all our services as we celebrate our partnership together and reflect on the needs of those struggling to make ends meet during wintertime.
Earlier this week much of south Katoomba was leafletted with the help of our keen volunteers from camp MMM. We’re asking people to put aside some groceries for our regular food drive that will happen this Wednesday. Again, the indefatigable teenagers from camp MMM will collect the food, and we’ll be able to distribute it in coming days to those in need in our community.
It was Jesus who demonstrated God’s heart when he went to the poor, the needy, the socially outcast and, in effect, became one of them so that the world might know how important such people are to the God of all the earth.
Jesus met their immediate needs, but he also took them further in seeking to reveal the Kingdom of God to them and calling them into a relationship with God that will last for eternity.

We continue this great task and are very thankful to God for the partnership we have with Anglicare to help us to achieve it. Not just in the food and financial assistance we can provide, or the counselling facilities, or our connections with The Cecil and the shop which also are a great blessing to those touched by those ministries, but, in the end, our heart’s desire is not simply to provide material means to those in need but the very words of eternal life.
We work very hard to enable, as much as possible, a holistic care to every person we come in contact with, but we know it’s those words of eternal life that are going to meet people’s greatest needs, so please pray that we make the most of every opportunity to share that love of Jesus to our community.

Ray Robinson

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  1. Jennifer Robinson

    Really interesting to read, thanks Ray.
    I don’t have my own phone and having just an email for communication, am interested in applying for a room at the Cecil as a single christian senior to Anglicare manager, Cheryl Plunkett. How should I go about this please? yours sincerely, Jennifer


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