Six weeks

Having the last six weeks off on long service leave has been a lovely rest and a little taste of heaven. However, it’s a joy to be back in the saddle of ministry. I’ve been refreshed by the relief from the daily pressures of ministry, and glad for the break, but I’ve also had a glimpse of how easy it is for days to just go by with little accomplished.
Not that Anne and I have been idle – we had a lovely time down in Austinmer and spent a weekend on the Hawkesbury River with family. But there was also the experience of waking up and thinking, whatever will I do today?
That’s probably good for a holiday, but it made me think of those who live their life with little focus or direction. Even people who know that what they need to do today is go to work can still lack a meaningful purpose in whatever activities they might be involved in.
One of the great blessings of living for Jesus is that we have a purpose and focus to our lives that so many lack. And what we do for Jesus – be it the mundane workday routine, or caring for family, or a thousand other things – if we are serving Christ in what we do, we are engaged in an eternal endeavour.
In Colossians 3 Paul encourages us to do all we do in the ‘name of the Lord’ (3:17). That is, do it as if you were Jesus doing it, and in v23 he explains that further by encouraging us in what we do to ‘work heartily for the Lord’.

So, a Christian wakes up and knows that they can use the day God’s given them to work hard at being Jesus in all they do. Colossians 3 goes on to remind us we have an inheritance as a reward. But we don’t serve Jesus so we get the inheritance, the very privilege of being like Jesus in all we do is reward enough.
So I trust in this coming week, in all you do, you will find, joy, meaning and purpose in each day the Lord gives you, until we enter that inheritance and reward which will be the rest God promises, one that will go for much more than six weeks…

Ray Robinson

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