Sharing the Love of Jesus… in Kyrgyzstan

Through the generous support of members of St Hilda’s, we have been able to continue supporting two babushkas (grandmothers) and a dedushka (grandfather) in Kyrgyzstan over the last few years.
The elderly of Kyrgyzstan often struggle to have money to pay bills, buy food and live a simple but comfortable life. Babushka Adoption Foundation is an organisation that provides support through visiting and caring for these elderly folk who have no-one else to support them, as well as finding sponsors who can assist financially. It costs 15 Euros (about $24) a month to sponsor a babushka.
The “Babushka Tin’ will be at the back of the church after each service for the next few weeks. Any donation will make a difference to improving the lives of Lidiya, Zinaida and Gavril.
Thank you again for being a part of caring for these folk and please do continue to uphold them in your prayers.

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