Shaping Young Lives

child's hands covered in paintToday we commission our youth ministry workers for all the various youth ministries that will be commencing in the next week or two. God tells us in Proverbs 22:6

“Train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he is old he will not depart from it.”

Training a child is more than just imparting information, no doubt you’ve seen many people who did hear about Jesus when they were younger and have now walked away from the faith. To effectively train a child, they need not only information, but godly role models and good reasons why they should live for the king of kings.

That is why we need to commit our youth leaders and helpers to the Lord as they start this crucial ministry. We are entrusting our youth leaders with the precious souls of the next generation so we need to pray that our leaders may be godly, faithful teachers of God’s word and that they, and all those who help them, may model the joy and wonder it is to know the love of Jesus.

The foundations we are establishing now with our young people will shape the future of God’s church so we must take very seriously this crucial ministry and give our best people to it.

Please continue to pray as the programs for this year get underway.

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