Talks Not in a Series

These talks are individual talks on special topics that are not given as part of a series.

Ray Robinson
8th Oct 17
The Just shall live by FaithRomans 8:28-39,Romans 1:1-17
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amr – 3.32MB
John Burke
6th December 15
Suffering1 Peter 1:3-9
Listen:mp3 – 13.26MB
amr – 2.63MB
Peter Orr
13th December 15
God became HumanJohn 1:1-14
Listen:mp3 – 11.44MB
amr – 2.42MB
Andrew Powell
4th December 16
Love and GraceLuke 15
Listen:mp3 – 8.05MB
amr – 1.9MB
Micahel Wells
4th December 16
Prayer Covers WorriesPhilippians 4:6–7
Listen:mp3 – 3.86MB
amr – 812KB
Chris Thompson
26th February 17
How to Know God - FaithGenesis 12:1-9, Hebrews 11:1-16
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amr – 2.53MB
Shine Thomas
30th April 17
Loyalty to JesusRevelation 1:1-8, Luke 14:25-33
Listen:mp3 – 12.02MB
amr – 2.70MB
Ray Robinson
17th July 17
Knowing JesusPhilippians 3
Listen:mp3 – 13.86MB
amr – 2.96MB
Sam Allbery
10th Sept 17
Is God Anti Gay?
Posted with permission from Liberty Ministries
Listen:mp3 – 10.52MB
amr – 3.47MB
Vince Williamson
5th November 17
Do, or believeLuke 10:17-37
Listen:mp3 – 11.48MB
amr – 2.47MB
Phillip Bassett
31st December 17
Trusting God for 2018Ecclesiastes 3:1-14, James 4:13-17
Listen:mp3 – 8.65MB
amr – 1.79MB
David Sandifer
8th April 18
If Christ Was Not Raised1 Corinthians 1; 1 Corinthians 15:1-20
Listen:mp3 – 13.36MB
amr –2.84MB
Stephen Swanepoel
15th July 18
A True Mate Meets Your Need Psalm 112, Mark 2:1-12
Listen:mp3 – 11.39MB
amr –2.51MB
Ray Robinson
22nd July 18
Lost ParablesLuke 15
Listen:mp3 – 12.67MB
amr –2.65MB

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