Sermon Recording 2015

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Audio Bible readings are from THE HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION®, NIV® Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984, 2011 by Biblica, Inc.® Used by permission. All rights reserved worldwide.

Date Title Speaker Passage MP3 AMR
5th July Pirates And Pardon Mike Wells Romans 6:20-23 5.47 MB 0.86 MB
28th June Place For Religion In Politics? Ray Robinson Romans 13:1-10 12.7 MB 2.24 MB
21st June Subversive Compliance Mike Wells Romans 13:1-10 17.2 MB 3.09 MB
14th June The greatest thing we can do in life Ray Robinson Acts 8:26-40 12.9 MB 2.06 MB
7th June The message to all the world Ray Robinson Acts 8:1-25 12.0 MB 1.91 MB
31st May Trusting God or using God Ray Robinson Acts 7:1-16, 51-60 16.1 MB 2.57 MB
24th May Preach The Word Ray Robinson Acts 6:1-7 11.3 MB 1.84 MB
17th May Fighting Against God John Burke Acts 5:11-42 13.8 MB 2.23 MB
10th May Seriousness Of Community Mike Wells Acts 4:32 – 5:11 16.6 MB 2.68 MB
3rd May Shall We Obey God Or Men? Mike Wells Acts 4:1-31 18.9 MB 2.94 MB
26th April The Claim Of Jesus On Us David Pettett Acts 3 9.99 MB 1.60 MB
19th April ANZAC Service: Two Centurions. Philip Bassett Acts 10:1-8 10.5 MB 1.69 MB
12th April Serving Our Loving God Vince Williamson Mat 25:14-30 12.7 MB 2.27 MB
5th April What Is Your Response To Jesus? Mike Wells Mark 16:1-8 7.72 MB 1.32 MB
3rd April Good Friday Readings And Reflections Various Mk 14:32-15:47 18.1 MB 2.93 MB
29th March Who Can Stay Loyal To Jesus? Philip Bassett Mark 14:12-31 8.05 MB 1.24 MB
22nd March Who Is Jesus To Us? Mike Wells Mark 14:1-11 14.1 MB 2.29 MB
15th March What Is Jesus Concern For Us? Ray Robinson Mark 13 11.8 MB 1.95 MB
8th March How Does Jesus Deal With Conflict? Mike Wells Mark 11:26-12:27 17.2 MB 2.76 MB
1st March What Does Jesus Expect Of Us? Ray Robinson Mark 11:12-25 12.4 MB 2.03 MB
22nd Feb Who is Jesus? Mike Wells Mark 11:1-11 12.5 MB 2.11 MB
15th Feb When Vision Meets Mission Joshua Ling Isaiah 6:1-13 11.6 MB 2.04 MB
8th Feb Bringing In The Kingdom Ray Robinson Mark 10:32-52 14.3 MB 2.30 MB
1st Feb Belonging to the Kingdom Ray Robinson Mark 10:13-31 12.2 MB 2.10 MB
25th Jan Challenging the Kingdom Ray Robinson Mark 10:1-12 14.6 MB 2.48 MB
18th Jan Encountering the Kingdom Ray Robinson Mark 1:1-15 14.5 MB 2.85 MB
11th Jan (pm) Worship And A Renewed Mind Mike Wells Romans 12:1-2 15.1 MB 2.44 MB
11th Jan (am) Renewed Mind Wilfred Chee Romans 12:1-2 10.2 MB 1.86 MB
4th Jan No Recording