Recorded Talks

These talks, or “sermons”, were given to a live audience and are provided for your personal use. If you’d like to use them for any other purpose please contact us for permission.

Latest Talks

Here are the last five talks, scroll down to find more.

Michael Wells
10th March 19
The Lord Judges
Habakkuk 1-3
Listen:mp3 – 17.53MB
amr – 3.52MB
John Burke
3rd March 19
The Lord Remembers
Isaiah 34; Obadiah
Listen:mp3 – 11.3MB
amr – 2.44MB
Geoff Collison
24th February 19
The Lord Judges
Nahum 1-3
Listen:mp3 – 12.92MB
amr – 3.01MB
Ray Robinson
17th February 19
The Lord Loves
Hosea 1-3
Listen:mp3 – 18.14MB
amr – 3.76MB
Steve Chong
10th February 19
Ukulele Service
Gospel presentation
John 12:1-8
Listen:mp3 – 11.3MB
amr – 2.32MB

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Talks prior to those listed above are catalogued by series based on the books of the bible.  If you need help locating a specific talk please contact the webmaster.

Talks by Bible Book or Series Title

Most Talks are part of a topical series or a series on a book of the bible.

Talks prior to 2015 are not currently available, but if you would like access to a specific talk please contact the webmaster.