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These talks, or “sermons”, were given to a live audience and are provided for your personal use. If you’d like to use them for any other purpose please contact us for permission.

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Ray Robinson
20th May 18
Living Under Grace: Life in the Spirit1 Corinthians 2; Romans 8:1-17
Listen:mp3 – 12.27MB
amr –2.59MB
John Burke
13th May 18
Living Under Grace: The struggle for holiness Romans 5:12-7:25
Listen:mp3 – 13.15MB
amr –2.91MB
Ray Robinson
6th May 18
Living Under Grace: Peace with GodColossians 1:15-29; Romans 5:1-11
Listen:mp3 – 13.43MB
amr –2.81MB
David Mansfield
29th April 18
We are saved by faith in JesusRomans 3:21-31; Romans 4
Listen:mp3 – 14.1MB
amr –3.17MB
Ray Robinson
22nd April 18
Coming Under Grace: The Great Need of Every PersonRomans 1:18 – 2:4; Romans 3:9-30
Listen:mp3 – 12.73MB
amr –2.74MB

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