Seeing Jesus in Surprising Places

Seeing Jesus in surprising places

Our world gets excited about the impressive things that go on around us. We do too. And sometimes the mundane things we do don’t always seem that important. I am always impressed by our faithful team who regularly go to Anita Villa to sing some hymns and share some good news.

To the outsider, watching them in action, to be honest, it doesn’t look to be any big deal. They sing some old hymns, pray a couple of prayers and share a reading from the bible. The majority of their audience appear to pay little attention, some sleep, some don’t seem to know what’s going on and you wouldn’t blame the team for thinking: ‘Is this really worth my effort?’ (It’s the same kind of thought the devil puts into S.R.E. teachers after a frustrating lesson.)

But I have seen the appreciation in the eyes of some of the residents as we’ve said goodbye, I have seen their face light up when a familiar hymn is played and I have seen the concentration on the face of just a few who are listening to the talk.

Why do we put resources and people into ministries like Anita Villa when it seems that many either don’t or can’t appreciate what we’re trying to do? I think the answer is obvious: if we went looking for Jesus in Katoomba, he’d be with the needy, the weak, and the people society would consider of little importance.

People in nursing homes are very precious to God and they, of all our society, are more likely closer to the day they stand before God, than most of us. So they of all people, need more than anything, an understanding of how to make their peace with God and the great hope we have when we do make that peace.

So sure, some won’t listen, but for those who do, those whom God calls to himself, those who need encouragement in a difficult situation, those who need hope and answers, will have the living water God provides through our ministry.

And while it may not look impressive to the world, it’s what God thinks of our efforts that really matters. And if we can be used by him, to encourage the downhearted, strengthen the weak in faith and point people to the hope of Jesus, we can do no better thing with our time, whatever it might look like to an outsider.

Please pray for those involved in this ministry as we discuss ways to develop this important work. If you want to be involved in some way through prayer or whatever, you are welcome to come to the meeting this Tuesday 10am at the church.

Ray Robinson

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