Prayer worth Praying

I am so grateful to God for the foundation I received as a young Christian exploring the truths of God’s plans for our lives.

The solid teaching from God’s word (including the teaching as to why God’s word was important), the role models (their enthusiasm and love for God), the opportunity to ask whatever I needed to know (and the willingness to not shy from the tough topics), and the genuine love people had for me personally, have significantly shaped my entire life.

It’s been my privilege to seek to emulate that in the way I live for others and today we celebrate all those in our church who are willing to be part of that great task amongst our young people. God has blessed us with some keen young people within our church family, and with fields white for harvest, beyond our buildings.

So, we thank God for those willing to give up their time and talents to serve those young people, and we are excited to think what God might do through our efforts in years to come.

Please consider committing to regular prayer for our youth and children’s leaders – they need all the help they can get – and they especially need the covering of God’s people upholding them in what is a critical spiritual battle for the kingdom of God.

The future leaders of our church are currently on a journey to become the men and women of God that he calls them to be. What a blessing to help them along the way and what a great need we have for his help in this great calling.

Ray Robinson

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