Pray without ceasing!

Like most people, Tim Keller tries to have a morning time of devotion and prayer. John Calvin, however, argued that when it comes to daily prayer one time of prayer and devotion is not enough. In our weakness, we should set apart certain hours for this exercise. Calvin taught that we should designate set times, though brief, for prayer.
He proposed five times throughout the day – When we wake in the morning; Before we begin work; At midday meal; After the evening meal (or after the day’s work); and When we are getting ready for bed at night.
He immediately adds, ‘This must not be any superstitious observance of hours as though paying our debt to God, and forcing him to hear us’.
Keller says that he found that Calvin actually prepared five prayers for these various times of day. These prayers were meant to be examples for individuals and families to use. Keller then used these prayers as a foundation for composing his own and encourages others to do the same. For example, Before Workday: For Perseverance
“Lord, all day may you give me an awareness of your presence, fruitfulness yet patience with your appointments, wisdom and compassion in my dealings, and Fatherly protection against dangers and adversities. Let me accept whatever degree of success or difficulty in my work you give me this day, and especially make me compassionate and ready to be interrupted in order to do good to others. In Jesus’ name.”
Having something written, says Keller, which he can read and use as a basis for his prayers before God, using only about one minute for each, has been extremely helpful in remembering the presence of God. It frames the day with God and the gospel.
Those further suggested prayers and further information can be found in the longer article this was adapted from by going to this link,

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