Moore College

Moore College

Before I went into theological college I spent a year visiting Christian communities across the world to try and get some grasp on the breadth of Christendom. It was a fascinating experience to say the least.

God has his people in every corner of the globe and each of them have their own particular strengths in the way they honour Jesus. I saw the beauty of the way African Christians worship, I saw the faithful humility of persecuted Christians in Egypt, the steadfast faithfulness of Indonesian Christians, the ‘can do’ attitude of American Christians and the gentle care of the needy shown by French Christians.

It also became very clear to me the colour of my own heritage, as I rubbed shoulders with people from very different backgrounds. If it’s one thing ‘Sydney’ Christians contribute to the world stage, it’s a clear understanding of the word of God. So many across the world struggle because of poor theology and lack of education.

We are so blessed to have the quality teaching we have in our churches. And much of that blessing can be attributed to the faithful ministry of Moore Theological College over 150 years.

Today we welcome Peter Orr for Moore College to share with us from God’s word and talk a little about the work of the college. Its emphasis has always been training men and women to be faithful teachers of God’s word and it has bred generations of pastors and teachers who have not only shaped the Anglican church in Sydney, but have had a significant contribution to make on the world stage. It provides a world class education and the quality of our church life would be significantly poorer if it were not for the college.

The college’s utter commitment to the word of God, the quality of its teachers and its desire to not only educate ministers but also to prepare them in their own spiritual walk, is something that is not found in many places in the world.

Please pray that Moore College will continue to be faithful to its mandate and that God will use all those who have gone out from it as they seek to honour our Saviour and declare the good news they’ve been so faithfully taught, including yours truly.

Ray Robinson

PS. Click here to listen to his talk again.

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