A Low Profile Lord

low profile lordPhilip, on a desert road, struck up a conversation with an Ethiopian official. In the end the conversation transformed the official’s life. Paul got talking to a few women by a riverside. One of them, by the name of Lydia, was stunned by what he had to say. We’re told ‘the Lord opened her heart’ and she and her family were baptised. Matthew the tax collector invited his friends to come and meet Jesus. God in his infinite wisdom chooses to use the sharing of the good news of Jesus to draw people to himself.

It’s interesting that’s the case, that he chooses not to put on spectacular miracles like he did in the Exodus or a terrifying sound and light show like he did at Mt Sinai. He chooses to work through ordinary people telling others where to find life. He chooses a low profile because he wants people’s love, not their begrudging obedience.

Having a conversation with someone about Jesus may not seem to be a very big deal, but eternity can hang in the balance. And since it’s the Lord who opens people’s hearts all we need to do is open our mouths. We’re given opportunities to do that with our families and workmates, and next Saturday we have the chance to do it with over a thousand people who’ll walk through our doors during Winter Magic.

A simple invite to church as you pour a cup of tea, a question about whether the person has ever been to church or a comment about how great it is to belong to St Hilda’s with the beautiful people we have and all the things that go on, may or may not develop into a conversation but we look for those divine appointments. And like Philip, Paul and Matthew we point people to the Lord who cares for them and can take them beyond death to eternity.

People are going to be praying this week for all that happens on Saturday. Feel free to join them, either physically (details elsewhere in this bulletin) or simply in your own prayers, praying that God may raise up the people we need to share the good news and that he may use our efforts, to open the hearts of those who come to us. If the Lord of all creation has given us the opportunity to point people to him, low profile though we may be, we can’t but take the opportunity, for we give our low profile Lord not grudging obedience but all our love.

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