LeadershipNext week at our annual meeting we will appoint leaders to take us into 2017.  Please pray that God may raise up the right people for the roles needed. We have been very blessed with the leadership that has brought us to this point in our church life and God willing, many of our leaders will be able to continue the great work they are doing.  However the ministry opportunities before us continue to increase and we are always looking for new people to join the team, so please consider if you think that you or someone you know should take on a particular role for the coming year.

Nomination forms are available at the back of the church if you would like to propose someone be a parish councillor, warden, nominator or synod representative. (Please speak to them beforehand to ensure they are happy to be nominated or simply ask someone to nominate you.)

The bible (1 Thess 5’12) encourages us to appreciate those who labour amongst us. It is a high calling, and those who lead us take on a significant responsibility under God. So we need to be prayerful about who we appoint, that they might be guided and directed to enable us to fulfill the great calling God has given us.

Ray Robinson

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