I remember leading one particular meeting in a church and afterwards a young Christian came up to me and said, ‘Ray, I used to think that it would be easy to be a minister, now I realise it’s not as easy as it looks’. I appreciated his honesty. In the early days of my Christian experience, when I watched the leadership from the sidelines, I also felt it wouldn’t be too hard to be a leader in a church. Now I know differently. Whether it’s as part of the pastoral staff or as part of the business end of church affairs, leadership is a high calling and a great responsibility.
Even in a church, we’re still susceptible to the ‘tall poppy’ syndrome. We find it easy from our armchairs to work out better ways to do what’s being done and those game enough to offer themselves for leadership risk the chance of being in the firing line, especially if there really are better ways to do things than the way they’ve done it.
Fortunately, as Christians, God gives us godly ways to help our leaders. Last week we appointed those who will be responsible for so much of what happens in the coming year.
We need firstly to pray that those appointed will be given wisdom and insight and honour God in all they do. Secondly, we need to support them in the difficult task they have in whatever way we can. We need to appreciate all they do, for without them things would not happen. We need to talk with them about anything that might concern us and encourage them in what they are doing. Ultimately, we thank our heavenly Father for godly men and women willing to serve us in often onerous and difficult tasks. (See 1 Thessalonians 5:12-13 and Hebrews 13:17-18).

Ray Robinson

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