Jesus calls Peter

Peter and friends get a net full of fish

We thought you would like to know what the kids are doing at KidzArtz at St Hildas this year.  So each day we will publish the drama from that day.  St Hilda’s is currently decorated as a beach, and today the kids watched as Jesus calls Peter and other fishermen to follow him.

KidzArtz 2017 has had the theme “At the Beach”.  There have been four days of art and crafts, drama, bible teaching and fun.  The four drama scripts have been printed for you here.  They are Jesus call PeterPeter walks on WaterPeter and the CrossPeter meets Jesus on the Beach.

Here is the script of the drama.

At the beach

Narrator: One day Jesus was walking beside a very big lake.

Enter Jesus.

Narrator:A lot of people were there. And Jesus began to tell the people all about God.  More and more people crowded in, all trying to hear what Jesus was saying.

Narrator: Jesus looked around and there beside the lake was a boat.

Jesus looks around and points to the boat.

Narrator:  The boat belonged to two fishermen.    They were brothers.  Their names were Peter and Andrew.  Peter and Andrew were washing their nets. They had been fishing ALL night.

Peter and Andrew wipe sweat from their foreheads, they are tired.

Narrator: And they had caught…

Peter: “Nothing! We’ve caught nothing. We’ve worked hard all night and haven’t caught a single fish.”

Narrator: Jesus asked the brothers if He could sit in their boat to teach the people about God.

Jesus: “Can I sit in your boat to teach people about God ? It’s too crowded here.”

In the fishing boat.

Narrator: Peter and Andrew agreed.  So Jesus got into their boat.  Peter and Andrew pushed the boat out onto the lake.

Narrator: Jesus floated out onto the water and told all the people about God.

Jesus pretends to teach, rocking as if in a boat.

Narrator: When Jesus had finished speaking, He turned to Peter and Andrew.

Jesus steps out of the boat.

Jesus: Push the boat out into deep water. Go and catch some fish.

Peter: “But Master, we fished all night, and we didn’t catch even one fish.  But because you have told us to, we will go fishing again.”

Narrator: So Peter and Andrew pushed their boat out into the deep water.  They let down their nets.  All of a sudden their nets were full of fish.  Big fish, little fish, lots and lots and lots of fish.  Peter and Andrew pulled in the fish… and they pulled in the fish… and
they pulled in the fish.

Narrator:But there were just too many fish.

Narrator: Peter and Andrew look worried.  Peter and Andrew called their friends, to come and help.

Peter: James and John, come and help us!

Narrator: James and John came to help.

Enter James and John. They help to pull in nets.

Narrator: They began to pull in the fish.  Peter, Andrew, James and John all strain at nets.  They pulled and pulled and pulled.  Now both boats were full of fish.  So full that they were about to sink.

Narrator:  They rowed back to the shore.
All fishermen row back, each holding onto a net as they pretend to get back to shore.

Narrator:  All the fishermen looked at the fish.  They were amazed!  All fishermen looked surprised.   There were just so…many…fish !

Narrator:  Then Peter fell down in front of Jesus and said,  “Lord Jesus, I am a bad man. Please go away from me!”
Peter: Jesus, I am a bad man. Please go away from me!

Jesus Calls Peter

Narrator: Peter realised that the man standing in front of him was no ordinary man. He had power over creation. He had done something only God could do. And Peter knew he was not good enough to be near such a man.

Narrator:  But God sent Jesus to earth to save people just like Peter.   People who know they’re not good enough to come near God.  So Jesus looked at Peter and said, “Don’t be afraid. You’re not going to catch fish anymore.”

Jesus: Don’t be afraid. You’re not going to catch fish anymore.

Narrator: “You are going to catch men. Drop everything and follow me.”

Jesus: You are going to catch men. Drop everything and follow me.  And that’s exactly what Peter did.

Narrator: Jesus turned to Andrew, James and John and said, “Drop everything and follow me.”  They all dropped their nets, left their boats, and followed Jesus.

Jesus leads everyone off stage.

Narrator:  Peter and the others followed Jesus.  They heard what Jesus said, they saw the boats full of fish, and they decided to follow Jesus. They wanted to find out more about Him and to listen to Him.

Narrator:  God sent Jesus to earth to save people just like Peter.  Jesus came to save each one of us.  He wants each of us to come and follow him, to get to know Him better  and to love Him as we should.

Narrator:  Jesus wants us to recognise that he is the boss of all and that He came to be our friend.
He wants us to come and follow him.

Read it in the Bible for yourself

You can find the passage where Jesus calls Peter in Luke 5:1-11 .

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