I love puppets!

Some years ago, a very talented children’s worker at our church in Wollongong was doing some puppetry for our local Scripture assemblies. She was unavailable for one of the days, introduced me to her huge mouth puppet and said, “Practice at home Kathy, you’ll be fine!” I was hesitant, but hooked! Since then, “Wacky” has been a part of our family and travelled to the edges of the small universe he lives in.
The famous “Bob and Eddie” visit us regularly at St Hilda’s and bring great truths in a light-hearted way, but today we meet some new characters brought to us by the Quiz Worx team. Quiz Worx tour around to share the message of Jesus from the Bible with kids in schools and churches in NSW, Queensland and beyond. Both our local primary schools recently had them visit to present their Christmas show during Scripture.
If you are visiting today, we warmly welcome you to celebrate the Christmas season with us. We rejoice that God has sent his son to be our saviour. We delight in the joy of the birth that ultimately means we, as imperfect humans, can be acceptable to the perfect Almighty God. If you would like to know more, please ask, or join us for more celebrations at our Carols services on Sunday December 22 or Community Carols on Christmas Eve at 5:00pm.

Kathy Powell (Community Chaplain)

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