How are you finding church online?

Well I hope you are finding it OK, but in a way we should be uncomfortable with it, as it is not how it should be!
Church is the gathering of God’s people. We are sort of doing that over the internet, but it is not the same and we should feel the pain of not being able to meet together in person. God wants us to be a community and that is a bit harder to do over the internet. Church on the internet should never replace meeting together in person for those that are physically able to do so.
Being on the internet isn’t the same as being together, but we should give thanks to God that we are still able to meet that way and also give thanks for the gifts and abilities that he has given members of our congregation to enable it to happen.
Can I encourage you, even though church through the internet might feel a little impersonal, to remember that we are still joining together in corporate worship before God? That being the case, try as best as you can to try and join in for the whole service from 10:30. There are songs and sometimes a few other things from 10am, but that section is just really an added extra to give people time to log on and be ready to go at 10:30.
At the moment it can seem like just about everything is on pause. But living by faith is never put on pause, and neither should church. When the routine of life has gone out the window it might be difficult to even remember what day it is and when church is on. Perhaps set an alarm on your phone to remind you and be excited and ready to go on Sunday morning.
The pain of separation at church now points us to the future gathering of all of God’s people in heaven. In that way, even when we do meet together here on earth, God’s church is still separated in different places all over the world. But one day before God in heaven his whole church from every time and place will gather together before him (Revelation 7:9-10).
So, if nothing else, not being able to meet together in person now should cause us to long for the day when we can be together again. But even more so, long for the day when God’s people will gather together before him as one for all time.

John Burke

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