Hidden Heros

Hidden HerosYou’ll read in this bulletin of the generous donation someone has made to repair the organ. It is not the only generous donation people have made recently to God’s work through our church.

People’s financial sacrifices have also been echoed by the sacrifices others have made in seeking to love people in the context of difficult relationships. I have had an unusually large number of conversations in recent weeks that have been difficult conversations, but nevertheless a joy. People have found themselves in very difficult circumstances and the joy to me has been that rather than accuse and blame, they have sought to show Christian love, even at cost to themselves.

I believe that God is blessing our church because we have a church fellowship where people take seriously God’s call on their life and they seek first his honour and glory before their own agenda. This is not an easy thing to do, but God honours those who honour him.

Let me encourage you to pray that we as God’s people continue to be willing to carry our cross for the Lord in every area of our life. Mike encouraged us last week to do something heroic for the Lord. Be assured there are hidden heros amongst us. May God use all our efforts to bring our Saviour the glory he so richly deserves.

Ray Robinson

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