He is Risen

Our lives have been transformed in recent months. Who could have ever predicted that across the world people would be self-isolating, medical staff scrambling, governments throwing money around in the billions of dollars, and churches closed and streets deserted in world capitals? Our world is almost unrecognisable because of an invisible bug. It is the stuff of science fiction, and now our reality.

When else in history have we seen such incredible disruption to life? My thoughts turn to the impact of the Easter message upon our reality. The impact may not have been as rapid as recent changes, but it has certainly been more significant.

Our world has been turned upside down because of the recent threat of death to many. But the solution to death that Jesus brought about through
his death and resurrection is not only the solution to our present crisis, but a far greater blessing – the blessing of a relationship with our creator God.

That relationship is a blessing, not only for the incredible privilege it brings in the access we have to the Lord of the universe, but also because it’s a relationship that will ultimately transform our lives in even greater ways than the current crisis is doing.

Jesus died and rose to open the door to a new life with God. That new life is not just when we die and go to be with the Lord. It begins now, as we let God’s Spirit transform us (Romans 12:1- 2). We don’t know how life will change in coming months, but we do know that as we grow in Christ, as we become who God wants us to be, we will be able to handle whatever challenges this world presents. And we’ll handle them in ways that glorify our God and Saviour, who conquered death in the way some might squash a bug…

Ray Robinson

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