Happy 21st Birthday KidzArtz!

I have had the great privilege of watching 14 of the last 21 years of KidzArtz – some of you have seen them all. This year we celebrate the ‘coming of age’ of this brilliant school holiday program for the children of our community.
It’s been a joy to see the development of this ministry over the years. Many aspects have changed and improved: we’ve moved into the church and transformed it, we’ve developed a ‘back to back’ program to maximise both the creative and the teaching sides of the program, we’ve incorporated a range of talented young people into various roles and it’s been great to see the energy and enthusiasm they bring to each day. The quality of what has been provided in recent years is a wonderful testament to KidzArtz ‘coming of age’.
However, it’s the dedication of many people down through many years that has ensured the continuance of such a great program. Each year it’s always fascinating to see the range of crafts on offer, to watch the unfolding of the theme in the talk time and it’s always a joy to watch the rapt faces of the children attending, both in the attention they give to the art they make, and to the talks they hear each day.
A special thanks to all the people who worked so hard this week to ensure another great event. We had lots of fun, created memorable works of art and learnt much of God’s rescue plan. We pray that the theme of ‘rescue’ will remain in the minds of all those involved and we will rejoice in the wonder of the rescue God wrought for us in Jesus coming to earth and dying, that we might live.

Ray Robinson

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