GratefulHaving been back from the Solomon Islands for a couple of days now I’m beginning to process the whole adventure and the first thing that comes to mind is how grateful I am for having had the opportunity. When Bishop Tasker suggested I take the opportunity to try and build bridges with the Bishop of Guadalcanal and see how Sydney Diocese could help the islands, I was hesitant considering the expense and effort involved. But as things have transpired I come back very grateful for having gone.

I’m grateful for all those who prayed for John, Clare and myself, upholding us while we were there.

I’m grateful to God for answering prayers and opening a range of opportunities for further ministry, many of which could turn out to be strategic.

I’m grateful for the ‘divine appointments’ God organised just meeting particular key people on the streets of Honiara which led to some very worthwhile conversations.

I’m grateful for the invitation of the Bishop of Guadalcanal to help his diocese with training teams and resource materials for his training centre. This will have a significant impact on the diocese, if the mission teams can be mounted.

I’m grateful for other rectors in Sydney who have shown interest in being involved in sending mission teams across to the islands.  Please pray that these possibilities may bear fruit.

I’m grateful for the request from the Dean of Honiara to establish a partnership with his Cathedral; this may prove to be a very strategic partnership.

I’m grateful for the invitation of Michael Palmer to assist him in establishing what is in effect ‘Youthworks’ in the Solomons, and I’m grateful for the links I have with Youthworks, Sydney, that I will explore as soon as I get time.  Please pray for a partnership to develop there.  This has enormous potential for the gospel long term.

I’m grateful for the divine appointment with the Mission Secretary of the Provincial church who was blown away when he saw my bible software.  I discussed with him and the Principal of the Theological college ways we might be able to get this software into the hands of church leaders.  In a situation where ministers own only a bible and a prayer book, such software could be a game changer for the quality of teaching and the furtherance of the gospel across the islands.

Pray that my email to the software company gets a warm reception. I could go on. Pray for our brothers and sisters in the Solomons who have so little, but love the Lord and are so passionate to learn all they can of His purposes for them and their church. (Acts 16:9)

Ray Robinson

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