Going Forward

I am very grateful to God for being able to have the last six weeks long service leave and the chance to slow down, reflect and recharge. I am also grateful to John, Robyn, Kathy and Fiona, as well as all those who’ve been working hard behind the scenes supporting them to keep the ministries of St Hilda’s happening as effectively as they have been.
Even in normal times, ministry often goes on behind the scenes, where your average churchgoer never sees the quiet conversations, the words of encouragement, the mountain of administration and management of people that enables ministry to happen. With the lockdown, that work has more than doubled as every aspect of ministry has had to be reinvented and then implemented. So I do want to thank God for those who have been serving us in this regard so faithfully, and particularly when they have been able to accomplish so much without my presence and support.
As we begin to see the loosening of restrictions, a further workload of managing that transition looms before the staff and Parish Council. We are very keen to gather again, but we also are keen to avoid being party to contributing to any potential second wave of the virus. So, we will be proceeding slowly with implementing public gatherings.
Virtual church is working remarkably well, despite its limitations, so we will continue with that for the time being, while encouraging small groups to meet as they are able. One significant hurdle we need to pass is our annual meeting, delayed from March. It will need to happen before the end of July, God permitting. So, sorting the logistics of that will be a priority.
Please continue to pray for our staff and all our leaders as we navigate these complex waters, seeking to care for our church family and further our ministry to a community in great need and uncertainty.

Ray Robinson

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