God’s Business

Today (Sun 17th March) our church family gathers at our annual joint service before the annual meeting and luncheon. Business meetings may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but every year I am greatly encouraged to see the way God has blessed us as the annual reports are presented and as God raises up leaders to take us through into next year. It’s been happening for 133 years and God continues to be faithful in blessing our efforts and meeting our needs in so many ways.
This ought to embolden us to press on in God’s service, for what we are doing is not simply perpetuating an institution. Organisations come and go and, as we were reminded from Habakkuk last week, even nations come and go. However, when God is behind something, nothing will stop God going about his business of building his church and calling people to himself.
We have the great privilege in sharing in that great task, of playing our part, and of knowing that God will work through our efforts as we seek to remain faithful to him. So, as we appoint key leaders for the coming year, we thank God for the quality of the people nominated, we commit them to the Lord for the crucial role they have in leading us, and we play our part by supporting them in every way we possibly can.
When in Acts 6 the early church appointed leaders to serve the church they sought people who were ‘of good repute, full of the Spirit and wisdom’. Pray that those appointed today may live out that high calling and that as they serve us, pray that they may be enabled to help us ‘Worship God, Grow in Christ and Share the love of Jesus, in the power of the Holy Spirit, as we look to the Lord’s return’.

Ray Robinson

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