Why give?

There is no greater privilege we can have than to share in the work the Lord Jesus came to earth for, the building of the kingdom of God. We can play our part in any number of ways depending on the gifts and abilities God has blessed us with. One of those ways is the opportunity to support the work of the gospel financially. Our giving is not simply a responsibility we have as Christians, but an opportunity for us to demonstrate our love for God and our commitment to the furthering of His purposes. The ministry at St Hilda’s is supported almost entirely by its members, each one of us. There is no financial assistance from the Diocese, nor do we have significant assets or activities. We need each to support the financial load, as good stewards of what God has given us – please do not leave the generosity to others.

During the COVID-19 pandemic when we cannot meet in our buildings, please remember that some of our expenses continue e.g., telephones and utility charges. Our staff are still working – although their work looks a bit different, and we need to continue to pay them. Approx. 25-30% of our weekly offertory comes in cash/cheque from Sunday services, and as we cannot meet at these services there is a probable reduction in our offertory. Also, we have had to close our hall bookings, and some of our other programs which generate income. There will be some savings to be made, however on balance, we expect our income to decrease by $7,000 per month. If you are able to transfer your giving to an electronic method, that would assist us greatly with maintaining our ability to pay our expenses, and enable us to ensure we can bounce back from this pandemic in a stable financial position.

How to give?

1. By electronic transfer (direct deposit) Our Preferred Method: You arrange through your bank (often via the internet) to regularly transfer funds from your account to St Hilda’s account. For bank details, please ring the church. Please note on your deposit the purpose of the payment – eg offertory or mission name.

This option does not provide your account details to the church, and you do not need to provide your name. Your donation can be completely anonymous. If your bank does require you to submit your name, this is only seen by the treasurer, and not passed on to anyone else, including staff.

or 2. By Cash/Cheque/Giving Envelope: Cheques can be posted to the church:- PO Box 108 Katoomba NSW 2780. If you wish to give cash during the Covid-19 situation, you can drop your cash (marked as ‘offertory’ in a sealed plain envelope) into the cash boxes at church, pastoral staff are at the church 12pm-2pm every day, the front door will be unlocked at that time, simply come on in. Otherwise you can phone the church office (02 4782 1608), and we will arrange someone to collect your donation. The amount will remain anonymous.

or 3. Using the ‘Giving’ form on the website: – using either your bank account or credit card through Paypal. Also an anonymous way to donate. Please note on your donation the purpose of the payment eg offertory or specific mission.

Give to




Which missionaries/organisations? Financial support for missionaries and mission organisations is not given from St Hilda’s general funds, but only from amounts specified by individuals for that purpose. To do so, you may use one of the methods above, donate directly to the organisation, or for BCA, use a box collected half yearly. Organisations linked to and supported by prayer, at St Hilda’s are: Church Missionary Society, Interserve, Anglicare & BCA.