From the Solomon’s (Part 2)


It was Jesus who said those who are willing to lose their life for his sake will find life  (Matthew 16:25). It appears to be just a pithy saying until you try and put it into practice and you discover how true it is and what a blessing it is to actually lose your life for Christ’s sake.  I know I’ve got a long way to go in this, but in this last week or so I’ve been rebuked and encouraged in the amazing grace God shows to those who give themselves fully to his service.

There’s no space here but maybe I’ll tell you the story of Michael Palmer at some point. Pray for Michael, he heads up the youth ministry at the Honiara Cathedral. God is at work in him and through him.

I’ve come over here to research ways Sydney Diocese may be able to help the Solomon Island church, and there’s certainly plenty of opportunities for that.  But in the process the whole exercise has forced me to reflect on St Hilda’s and all we do and why we do it.  It’s easy to find the specs in your brother’s eye and be blind to the log in your own. (Another pithy comment of Jesus that is more true in the reality than in the saying).

I’m grateful to God for this fresh perspective, and while it’s too early to have processed all that’s happened in this two weeks, I can see God at work blessing us as we seek to serve others. Who knows where that will lead us. I’ll be back on Wednesday and you may see me around during week enjoying the cool.

Every Blessing, Ray Robinson

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