From the community chaplain

Our church has a lot going on. Every ministry we do has an aspect of outreach and even though there are 21 valuable ministries that fall under the ‘Share’ portfolio, these only just scratch the surface. We always need to be looking for ways to further connect with people in our community, but our default position will be what’s comfortable.
The bigger the church gets, the harder it is to see the need for it to grow. Our welcome table is full of activities for members, and that’s great, but are we too focused on looking after ourselves and not spreading the word?
Winter Magic on Saturday June 22 is one opportunity to connect with our local community. This year, we will be focusing on ‘talking the line’, engaging people in conversation while they wait for their children to play on the jumping castle or come to a concert event in the church. Why not step out and connect with them, or hand out the KidzArtz brochure and encourage them to sign up, invite them to come in for open church, market morning or even join us for a Sunday service?
While the gospel message divides and causes trouble – as we have heard in the last couple of sermons – it is the only message of hope. There must be people out there waiting to hear that message, so how do we tell them?
I know we do a lot, but do we do enough to spread the message of salvation? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Kathy Powell

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