Equipped for Ministry

Equiped for Ministry

We have an enormous number of our church family engaged in a wide range of ministries. We have people involved in everything from spending an hour or two at the Anglicare shop or at open church, through to those able to put many hours into the children’s ministries we run. God loves us to use our gifts for him and his kingdom, and we recognise what an awesome privilege it is to share the good news of eternal life with those we contact as a church.

If we’re going to do that well, we need to continually equip ourselves with the resources and skills we need to play our part in the body of Christ. We equip ourselves through getting to church regularly, home bible studies, personal devotions and any specific training that is offered from time to time.

One such special trainng opportunity is before us on 31st October at Rooty Hill where the diocese is running it’s annual Western Region Conference.

The Western Region Conference is a series of training seminars for anyone who’s keen to further their skills in serving Jesus. Transport will be provided for anyone who would like to come. The cost is $20 which covers lunch and morning tea. Below are more details, why not bring a friend who’s involved in a ministry with you? Speak to Ray to book in.

Speakers include:

  • Bill Salier – Principal, Youthworks College, speaking on “Passion for Jesus, passion for mission”
  • Ray Galea – Senior Minister, MBM Rooty Hill: “What I’ve learnt about leadership in the last 25 years”.
  • Ivan Lee – Bishop of Western Sydney will speak on “The challenges of church growth”

Workshops (after lunch) – choose any two to attend:

  • Communication for churches – Everything you do as a church communicates something. Your website, Social Media, even signage and Announcements all say something about you, and what you value. Jordan Gillman is a Designer and Web Developer who works with churches to help them reach their community and share the Gospel through Design & Technology.
  • Hand-to-hand combat: one-to-ministry in the church – Joel Atwood and Leanne SladeJoel is a senior staffworker with the AFES and Leanne is the women’s worker at All Saints Anglican Church, Petersham.
  • ESL Ministry in your church – The strategic place of ESL for local church mission, ideas, updates and how to start one – Megan Presbury – Anglicare ESL & Cross-Cultural Ministry Consultant.
  • Building Strong Teams (Growth Groups, ministry teams, etc) – Bruce Winter. Bruce is Executive Pastor at MBM Rooty Hill.
  • Today’s Busy Woman, Ministry and Mission – Kara Hartley. Kara is the Archdeacon for women’s ministry, Diocese of Sydney
  • Kid’s Ministry – The View From The Pew This seminar will explore the key role Ministers have in shaping a churches view of it’s kid’s ministry. – Sandy Galea.
  • Kid’s Spots Worth Having – Why have kid’s spots in a service? How to present kid’s spots that effectively teach and engage kids? How to sustain kid’s spots on a weekly basis? – Sandy Galea.
  • Ministry to Blue Collar/ Working Class people in our Churches – Andrew Beddoe.
  • It Takes a Church to Build Young Disciples of Christ. How do we move beyond programs and engage the whole body of Christ to build our young people to be mature Disciples of Christ? -Jon Thorpe

Its not too late – Book here

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