Don’t give up!

It always amazes me how God can put people in your path when you least expect it.
I was at the Anglicare community hub last Thursday at our church, where people from the community wander in for a free sausage, cuppa and to have a look at the pop-up op shop. It was a fairly quiet day, but one of the few who did wander in was a lady I had contact with three years ago. She was doing it tough at the time, so I had prayed with her on several occasions.
She has since given up on God, but was willing to have a chat about it. I almost didn’t come to work last Thursday and I could have been in any number of places around the church to have missed her, but I didn’t. God made sure of it.
It also amazes me how God answers prayer. I sent out a plea for some Kindy SRE students at Katoomba North last week, as there were none enrolled. We had teachers and helpers trained and ready to go…and no students!! I dropped into the school office to check if any parents had handed in their SRE note. There was one! I immediately went out into the playground and did a victory dance in front of the principal. She may think I’m crazy, but I was overjoyed to celebrate God’s answer to prayer and wanted her to know.
God is always at work. Occasionally I come across people from previous churches who I knew as newcomers, seekers or people who kept church at a distance. I meet them years later and they are now Bible study leaders, wardens or key people with leadership roles and a deep faith. I might have missed the middle links, but God was working in their lives.
So, I encourage you to keep going with people. Keep praying, keep inviting, keep loving. God doesn’t give up on his people.

Kathy Powell

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