Don’t be troubled, believe…

Remember what it’s like to start a new job? That overwhelming sensation of having no idea what you’re doing and long and exhausting days?
I imagine many of us feel like that at the moment – it certainly describes where I’m at. So much is changing so fast. In the midst of it, though, it’s worth remembering that God is the same yesterday, today and forever. He will always comfort and sustain us, no matter what happens.
I was greatly encouraged to read these words in John 14 last week. They are written twice in the same chapter:
“Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God; believe also in me” (John 14:1).
In my pastoral work, both at church and Wentworth Falls PS, there is a lot of ‘heart’ involved. It’s important to feel for people, to empathise with them and to share their pain and journey with them through the rough waves. But what about my own heart? How do I deal with the grief of losing church as I have always known and loved it, ever since I started going 35 years ago?
The day after the announcement was made – that public church meetings were cancelled – I cried heartily and deeply for about half an hour. That’s how I dealt with my grief. I realised it would probably never be the same again.
Yet, as I think about it, I am glad. I am thankful that God sends us what we need, and so I guess we need it! It hurts so much, but it does rip the ‘scales’ off our eyes so we can see what is really valuable. It’s traumatic, but I have been privileged in the past to have the ‘scales’ ripped off my eyes and come out of trauma to see what God can do.
I do pray that God will help you see, and hold you and give you his peace in the midst of these life-changing circumstances. Be ready to see what God can really do.

Kathy Powell

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