The pastoral staff spent several days this week praying and reflecting on plans and directions for ministry in the coming year.
We were greatly encouraged as we considered the many faithful people who are very involved in a range of ministries playing their crucial part in achieving our goal to Worship God, Grow in Christ and Share the love of Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit, looking to the Lord’s return.
At one count, over 100 individuals are significantly involved in some form of ministry or another. Much of it happens behind the scenes and sometimes, because we have so many ministries going on, it seems we could always use more helpers, but we rejoice in so many people engaged in the great work God has given us.
We spent a lot of time reviewing the ministries that happen, reflecting on perspectives gained from a meeting with the parish council last week, and seeking to distill it all down into a comprehensible and achievable program for the coming year.
The ‘Reaching our Community’ paper I distributed some weeks ago focussed some of our discussion and I was glad to have us thinking outside the square. As I reported last week, parish council resolved they did not want to invite the Anglicare shop into the church space but is interested in exploring community hub options. We discussed this, along with a range of other ideas – ideas that we will continue to explore in coming months, depending on resources and other program initiatives.
On the whole, we felt that while we need to continue to keep exploring new horizons, there are some fantastic initiatives currently happening that we must ensure are properly resourced and supported. So we considered ways to pastorally care for those who are serving us and our community, as well as ways people can be trained and confident in the roles they take on.
We thank God for the amazing church family we belong to, the fellowship of the gospel we all share, the way God has blessed us in the past to get us to this stage, and we look forward to all he will do in the coming year.
Please pray for all the pastoral staff as we flesh out the plans we are considering, and most of all pray that God may bless all of our efforts as we work together to serve our Saviour in the great task he’s given us

Ray Robinson

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