Devoted to the Lord

Devoted to the LordHannah knelt and prayed. She was greatly distressed, year after year she had asked that God might bless her with a child and to date the answer had been “No.” In 1 Samuel 1 we read that the Lord remembered Hannah and she gave birth to a son. There are many good gifts that God blesses us with and today we take the opportunity to recognise the blessing of motherhood. Those who’ve been given the privilege of bringing up children ought to stop and remember that such a role is a high calling indeed. And those for whom God has other tasks can still thank Him for all that our mothers have meant to us.

Those who’ve been through it all will know the sacrifices involved; there are the concerns and worries, and the enormous responsibility of it all.  In our society you can get any variety of advice on raising children and the pressure is on to get it right.  Often the spiritual upbringing of a child can take second place to other things.  Teaching the things of God is left to Sunday School teachers and the real money and effort is put into maths coaching or some equivalent and Saturday sport so that the child is ‘well rounded’.

Hannah got it right, her son was ‘devoted to God’.  At great cost to herself, she made sure he understood the things of God and had the opportunity to serve God.  God blessed such devotion and Samuel achieved great things for the Lord.

Let us pray for those amongst us who are called to shape young lives, that such might be their ministry, that those young people become godly men and woman shaping their world well into the next generation.

Ray Robinson

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