Deeper Magic

Magical Creatures
This year at St Hilda’s for Winter Magic, as well as everything we normally do, we’re happy to showcase the artwork and imagination of students from Mountains Christian College. Their assignment was to draw an imaginary creature to fit the theme ‘where the magic things are.’

Magic appeals to us because of it’s mystery, it is beyond our understanding, though for the most part we know most magic is a deception and ruse.

The famous author CS Lewis wrote of a ‘deeper magic’ than the things that try and trick us, the magic of God’s work in the world. The mysterious wonder of the way he causes things to grow or just to be, could anyone have thought up the design of a Platypus? This deeper magic extends to the spiritual realities of our existence: How God sent his son to die in our place, how he promises to forgive and bless all those who seek peace with Him. Indeed, the fact that God has promised to people who’ve ignored him in the past, a fresh start is a mystery of the highest order and yet a reality for all those who want to turn back to him.

Our young people can imagine some amazing creatures but the bible tells us no eye has seen, or ear heard what God has prepared for those who love him. (1 Corinthians 2:9)< We at St HIlda’s want to invite you to explore that deeper magic, that greater mystery, so that you too might know the amazing blessings God has for his people. Drop in or call us for more details; 47821608 or

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