Trinity Counselling

Phillipa Mychael (M.Couns.)

– Howard Mychael (M.Couns.)

Appointments held on Wednesdays.

Ring for appointments 0480 173 637

Anglicare Counselling

Linda Johnson

Appointments held on Thursdays.

Ring for appointments 1300 651 728

Counselling is available to all people regardless of culture, beliefs or lifestyle: to individuals, couples, families, children and adolescents.
Throughout life, everyone is presented with challenges, stress and anxiety. Professional counselling can be of great assistance.
Common benefits of counselling include:

• Improved Communication
• Enhanced Family Functioning
• Relationship Enrichment
• Better Emotional and Mental health
• Improved Parenting Skills
• Enhanced self-awareness
• Smoother Life transitions e.g. Separation and Divorce, Loss and Grief, Work Changes