Family Counsellor – Philippa Mychael

Pip is a student counsellor currently in the last stages of her counselling degree. Because counselling experience is a requirement of her course for completing her degree, she does not charge for her time.

Appointments Wednesday 10am -1pm.

ph: 4782 1608.

Counsellor – Rev Dr Geoff Glassock

Geoff is a fully qualified counsellor at PhD level, provided by Anglicare at a fee structure in accordance with what people can afford.

Appointments Tuesday 10am – 1pm.

ph: 0408 436 676

Counselling is available to all people regardless of culture, beliefs or lifestyle: to individuals, couples, families, children and adolescents.
Throughout life, everyone is presented with challenges, stress and anxiety. Professional counselling can be of great assistance.
Common benefits of counselling include:

• Improved Communication
• Enhanced Family Functioning
• Relationship Enrichment
• Better Emotional and Mental health
• Improved Parenting Skills
• Enhanced self-awareness
• Smoother Life transitions e.g. Separation and Divorce, Loss and Grief, Work Changes