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A wedding at St. Hilda's

At St Hilda’s we value marriage greatly and are always keen to talk to engaged couples about getting married in our church.

What’s involved in getting married at St Hilda’s?

We’re keen for people to get the best start possible in their life together. So we normally do some wedding preparation beforehand that involves about four or five meetings all up. You will also need to fill out the appropriate government forms and provide birth certificates for identification.

There is a minimum of six weeks notice but most couples book six months ahead so that we have sufficient time to work through the preparation course.

What happens at the marriage preparation meetings?

The Groom - St Hilda's

At the meetings we talk about the significance of the service and what elements you would like to include in the day.  We use the Anglican form of service and are committed to it’s Christian principles for marriage. We are also very happy for you to include those things that make the day unique for you as a couple.

We also usually do a preparation course called ‘Prepare’ which couples find particularly helpful in raising issues for them to talk through as they prepare for life together. The course covers matters like Communication, Conflict resolution, Financial management, Friends and Family, Leisure activities, Spiritual beliefs, Affection and Sexuality and Relationship roles.

You may kiss the bride - at St Hilda's

What does it cost?

There are a few options in the costs:

  • $600 for the hire of the church with a verger, which includes the preparation course.
  • $200  if you want to use our organist,  you are also welcome to bring your own music/musicians.
  • $150 for the bells to be rung, up to 20 minutes.
  • $200 for the bells to be rung, up to 20 minutes, both before and after the ceremony.

You live outside the area but you would like to get married at St Hilda’s.

We believe that it’s very important that you have the support networks you need to help in those times when your marriage throws up the challenges that life brings.  With one in two marriages failing these days we sometimes need the advice and support of others to avoid becoming a casualty. To that end we encourage couples to develop a close relationship with their local church and minister.  So we are happy to make the building available for weddings for out of area couples but encourage them to approach their local minister about presiding at the wedding.

Any couple from a bible believing church is welcome to have their minister preside at their wedding at St Hilda’s.  That way all preparation and planning can be done locally and an on-going pastoral relationship with the minister who married you will be there if it’s needed.

Is there anything else We should know?

Signing register - wedding at St Hilda's

If you are going to live outside our area we normally encourage some connection with your future local church for ongoing pastoral care in days to come.

If you’d like more information please don’t hesitate to call the office on 02 4782 1608, or our Rector, Ray Robinson, on 0423 161 363.

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St Hilda's Congregation at a Wedding