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Baptism pic by Anne HardyAt St Hilda’s we are keen to celebrate God’s goodness when he blesses us with children. We offer a choice of Christening services for parents seeking God’s blessing on their children. Each one will suit different kinds of people.The Christening and Baptism service is for those who wish to become members of St Hilda’s and get involved with the life of our church family.

The Christening and Thanksgiving service is one where children are dedicated to God and given a Christian name. It’s a celebration of God’s goodness where we ask for God’s blessing on your child but this service does not have the commitment of vows and church membership of the other service as some people do not feel ready for that kind of commitment.

Further details about these services are found in the application forms you can download. Please don’t hesitate to ring the church office on 4782 1608 if you would like more information.
Drawing by Anne Hardy

Download Christening and Baptism Application form here: Baptism Application.pdf
Or Christening and Thanksgiving Application Form here: Christening Application.pdf
Or ring 4782 1608 to make an appointment or ask further questions.

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