Church and Hall Bookings

St. Hilda’s Church and Hall Bookings Calendar

St Hilda’s is a growing community, and we are running more events so we need to track use of the building both upstairs (main church) and downstairs (church hall) so that we know when the building is available.

We are happy to rent out our hall to community groups and individuals at minimal rent, but we do ask you to be sensitive to the principles of the Church.  Note that we reserve the hall for our own use on Sundays. Our hall is heavily booked, scroll down to see the current bookings, if you find a suitable time please submit the form below.

Use the right and left arrow to move back or forward in WEEK view, or a month in MONTH view. Today is always coloured yellow. Use the WEEK and MONTH tabs to change the layout from week to month.


  • Red – Church events in Hall
  • Blue – Community events in Hall
  • Light Green – Bookings in the main church
  • Yellow – School holidays
  • Dark Green – Australian holidays

Booking Request Form

You may send this inquiry with some blanks in the form, however all information in this form is required before a booking can be confirmed.

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