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Today, we’re glad to hear from David Harrison and the work of Compassion Australia across the world. This afternoon St Hilda’s is hosting a fund raising concert you are very welcome to attend.

It’s very easy for us in comfortable Australia to live a life focussed on our ‘first world’ problems and it’s a healthy corrective to be reminded of just how blessed we are in comparison to the great majority of our world.

It ought to humble us and drive us to prayer and concern for those in need. And if that is true for those in physical need, it’s ever more true for those in spiritual need. That’s why social action goes hand in hand with gospel proclamation. It’s why Jesus addressed the issue of the lame man’s sins even before he dealt with his physical circumstance. (Mark 2) So please do pray for the work of Compassion and the proclamation of the gospel across the world. It’s good news of great joy for all those who discover God’s great compassion for them.

Ray Robinson

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