Community Chaplain

Community Chaplain at St Hilda'sWhen Rev Simon Manchester was introduced as the first ever chaplain of North Sydney Rugby League club, he sat in the locker room of the Bears, and surrounded by the players. One of them asked him ‘So what use are you to us?’ Simon replied; ‘Well, I do a good funeral’. It broke the ice and Simon went on to have a valuable ministry amongst the players.

We commission today Katoomba’s first community chaplain in Kathy Powell, and while no doubt she could do a good funeral, we hope and pray that her ministry will rescue people from the reality of an eternal death.

This is new ground we’re exploring so Kathy does need your prayers, particularly that she might be guided in how to best use her time and that God might open doors to fruitful ministry among people who currently don’t have connections with our church. In the next few weeks she’ll be making herself known to a range of community organisations, please pray that those meetings will go well, that Kathy will be warmly welcomed, and that she will have opportunities to talk with many people about the good news of Jesus.

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