Comfort Zone

Biblical GreekI’ve just spent a week doing an intensive greek language refresher course. The New Testament is a treasure chest of teaching on the wonders of our Lord and to be able to read it in the original language brings a colour to its narrative that is an enormous help in teaching and preaching. After thirty years in the ministry my greek is a little rusty. (Was it ever shiny?) So I’ve been out of my comfort zone this week wrestling with something that was never my best subject.

Being out of my comfort zone has reminded me of how comfortable life can get and how unsettling it is when things change and you have to adapt. Morning church at St Hilda’s is about to go through some unsettling as we experiment with new times and some changes to the first service. For some, they’ll hardly notice a change, for others, it may put them out of their comfort zone.

We’re trialling a few ideas in the hope of making the first service more accessible to people and you may want to try it and invite your friends to a quieter, more formal style of worship. We’re praying that people from the community who have had some church exposure may also find it a familiar and non threatening way of reconnecting with church.

As God’s people in Katoomba we are called to reach out to our community with the good news of Jesus. And it’s a helpful exercise to stop from time to time, and assess whether what we’re doing is still what we should be doing, or whether there is a better way to ‘Worship God, Grow in Christ and Share the Love of Jesus, in the power of the Holy Spirit, looking to the Lord’s return.’

I’m sure we will learn from this exercise whatever the outcome, I certainly have benefitted from the demands of stepping out of the well worn grooves of what I do and think about, to work hard at something totally different. Can I encourage you to take the opportunity of the changes to invite friends and family to come and see for themselves what church at St Hilda’s is like. Also you may want to make the most of that hour between 9.30 and 10.30 to have a cuppa with the other congregation or perhaps join the prayer meeting that initially will meet in my office at 10am. There’s a range of things we may be able to explore in coming weeks; the new arrangement may mean some people could go to the early service and then be available to help with Sunday School or run an adult bible study based on the sermon they’ve just heard. Just some ideas to explore. We look forward to seeing how God will bless our efforts and trust him to continue to build his church to the glory of Lord. (Matthew 16:18)

Ray Robinson

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