Church with a difference

In the light of the Archbishop’s decision this week to cancel all public gatherings, those of us who can will meet in ‘virtual church’ this Sunday. Details of how to do that will be on the website and I warmly encourage you to log in at 10am or download the podcast if you can’t connect at that time.
In coming weeks, while this circumstance exists, we will be experimenting with how to gather as the people of God in ways that will enable us to ‘Worship God, Grow in Christ and Share the love of Jesus’.
What we do may look very different to what we are used to, but this situation has come at a time when we have the vast resources of modern technology at our fingertips (literally in our phones). We will be seeking to harness every tool God has given us to continue to bring the good news of Jesus to one another and our community.
You will have received my pastoral letter which goes into a great deal of detail (if not you will find it on the website). Further information will be coming your way as things develop.
I do need to underline the importance of maintaining your financial support to our church at this time. I am in discussion with our pastoral staff as to ways we will need to minister to our church family and our community as this pandemic develops and now, more than ever, the opportunities for the gospel as well as the challenges we face, will need resourcing and financing. If you do not yet give via direct debit, details of how to do so are in this bulletin. If you would like a set of envelopes or if you wish to make alternate arrangements for giving, please contact the church and we will sort out an arrangement that works for you.
I am certain that our all-powerful God has plans for how he will bring people to himself through this unprecedented situation. As people in the community panic buy, God’s people can be a crucial part of achieving God’s plan as we faithfully demonstrate a trust in the great physician who has our every moment in his loving hands (see Psalm 139).

Ray Robinson

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