Church re-orientation proposal

The worship team has been working through a number of issues with the current setup in the upstairs area of the church building. Some of those issues are: difficulties with the pews, lack of creche, and an area for children during and after the service.
It has become apparent that there are a number of issues with the pews. There are WHS issues with the weight of them, especially given they are moved around at times. Also, as they are so heavy, they are then dragged across the floor, thereby causing damage to the floor as well. Being dragged is also causing damage to the pews themselves, as they are not built to withstand being pushed and pulled.
Another issue is the pews may not meet the standards for seating in public buildings – they are too long and don’t allow adequate space for the movement of people around them.
(Will changing the setup cancel all these difficulties? The pews will still be heavy, and mark the floor?).
The lack of current creche and children’s space has been an ongoing issue. It would be beneficial if there was a carpeted children’s area for use during and after the services away from the morning tea area.
The proposal
The proposal is to change the orientation of
the space upstairs so that it would face north
instead of east. The reason for this change is
that the pews will fit better that way and allow
more space around them. Also, the current
carpeted area up the front could become the
children’s area both for a creche during the
service and also an area for the children
during morning tea time. As this area is
carpeted, it might be beneficial.
It is understood that this would be quite a
change and so a couple of things are
suggested for the interim. Firstly, a working
party be set up to work through the proposal,
and secondly to have a month’s trial period in
December 2019.
If you have any comments or questions,
speak with John Burke. Also, if you have a
desire to be involved in the working party, you
could register your interest with John as well.
Representatives from all three congregations
for the working party would be beneficial.

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