Can you spare some time for a key gospel ministry?

SRE - a key gospel ministrySRE is a crucial ministry:

Special Religious Education or ‘Scripture’ in our Schools is a privilege God has given us to proclaim the good news of Christ’s love to the next generation. This opportunity may not always be there and so it is one we must not neglect while we have it. Especially since so many people give testimony to the way God has used scripture to lay the foundation for their faith or has been the means by which they have come to the hope of heaven.

SRE in the mountains needs your help:

A handful of faithful teachers weekly explain the wonders of our God to both primary and high school students in our local schools. The classes are covered (just) but we need volunteers to be helpers to assist our teachers make the most of the hour and perhaps get a taste of the ministry to see if God is calling you into teaching.

What does being a SRE helper involve?

Give up one or two hours a week to sit with the children, encourage them to listen to the lesson, help them with the activity. Love them.

Currently SRE happens on Tuesdays, Wednesdays (Primary) and Fridays (High School) at various schools across the mountains so there is a spot for everyone. (Some are nervous about committing to such a regular activity because of family or other commitments. Being a helper doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be there every week all year, feel free to discuss with your minister what time you could spare.)

What qualifications do I need to serve Jesus in this way?

You will need to get a ‘Working with Children check’, it’s not complicated just a formality so we comply with child safety regulations.

You also need a desire to be used by God, a prayerful heart, and a love for Jesus.

What should I do?

IF YOU THINK YOU MAY BE ABLE TO BE INVOLVED IN THIS MINISTRY EVEN IN A SMALL WAY (maybe even run a prayer meeting while SRE is on) PLEASE SPEAK TO RAY FOR MORE DETAILS. Otherwise please pray personally for those who faithfully give up their time to touch young lives for the king.

Ray Robinson

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