Bushfire Relief Efforts

The bushfires have had a devastating effect on communities around us. Anglicare is using the money donated to their Bushfire Appeal to send me into the Lithgow area to provide some financial assistance to those affected.

People who have lost much are reacting differently, of course, but they are all grateful for the assistance they are receiving. I am looking for people who are not able to get assistance elsewhere, or who are stuck in red tape. One woman needed a fridge so that she could move back into her damaged house before her daughter started Year 7. Many need tools to start working on their properties again.

On the other hand, many they don’t know where to begin – they just feel overwhelmed. Often food and clothes are the best immediate assistance, with a promise to help with something else when they are ready.

Others are emotionally distraught – they can’t even talk about what they have lost, it is too raw. The best thing I can do for these people is give them my card so that they can come for assistance when they are ready. It is very difficult to talk about God in these circumstances. I need to show his love through actions and using the generous donations of our brothers and sisters. Pray that God will grow this seed into a real relationship with him.

Sue Stones

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