Be inspired to reach out…

“Declare his glory among the nations, his marvellous deeds among all peoples” (1 Chronicles 16:24).
I really enjoyed participating in virtual church last week. It was my first time without any glitches, just being a part of the congregation. The singing brought tears to my eyes – not because it sounded amazing (although it sounded fine), not because there was a fantastic band (although the accompaniment was wonderful), but because I could see the joy on people’s faces as they joined in together (gallery view). We were community. There was only the music, my voice, and Rob’s voice from the other end of the house, but how wonderful it was to be “together” and be reminded in song that we are saved In Christ Alone!
We have such a freedom in Christ and a message of eternal hope in him to share with others. How do we reach our community for Christ? What will outreach look like in these times? How might we encourage our friends and neighbours to check out virtual church or think about where God is in all of this? What do we do with KidzArtz? Can I invite my friends to check out SRE online?
Let’s not sit too quietly, regardless of whether we are more bored or busier than before. Let’s use the opportunities God has given us and pray for more of them.
I have been inspired to hear about Helen’s action of reaching out to the staff at Katoomba North PS with a simple weekly morning tea (see article). What creative way do you think you could show the love of Jesus to people who don’t know him? Or perhaps you have some more collective ideas? Why not chat about some ideas in your growth groups or chat rooms after church and be as radical as you can? These are radical times!
We can (and should) declare God’s glory and his marvellous deeds.

Kathy Powell

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