AddictionPenny Wilkinson is a person who knows the struggle addiction can bring to a person’s life. She has spoken at Katoomba Men’s convention, she has been very involved with Overcomer’s outreach a Christian AA organisation and she has a passion to help those caught in the web of addiction as well as those trying to care for addicts.

Penny is currently finishing a Master’s degree in counseling and as part of that course she has volunteered 100 hours of counseling based in our offices at the back of the church. She will be doing general counseling, so not just matters of addiction, and she will be available from the middle of January. Flyers are available in the foyer.

Penny will also be running a seminar at the Anglicare shop, in Katoomba St, for those struggling with addiction and those who’d like to help others in that situation. Be it alcohol, sex, gambling, porn, drugs, or whatever addiction is a seductive prison. And as God’s people we need to beware of the dangers, as well as be equipped to help those entrapped.

I warmly encourage you to come to the seminar which is at 6 pm on Thursday 26th November.

Ray Robinson

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