About St. Hilda’s

Our Mission

Worship God,
Grow in Christ,
And Share the Love of Jesus,
In the Power of the Holy Spirit,
Looking to the Lord’s Return

From the Acting Senior Minister

The pages of this website give you a feel for who we are at St Hilda’s, and some of the many things we’re involved in. We’re keen to share the love of Jesus with our world. Therefore we’re committed to building a community of people who know Jesus personally. Such people can’t help but live the kind of life God wants for all those who love Him.

At the moment St Hilda’s community is expecting the arrival of a new Senior Minister in November. Our ministries continue normally (or as normally as they can with a Covid lockdown) but we are enthusiastic about having a new pastor as we believe that God has led us to him and him to us. We hope that you will join with all of us as we welcome him in November.

I’m not sure what is going on in your life as you read this, but we want you to know God has gone to great lengths to reveal himself to us and promises if we seek him we will find him. All we do at St. Hilda’s is geared to help us come to a clearer understanding of being sure of Christ’s love for us and how that impacts our lives.

St. Hilda was a woman before her time. Her commitment to God meant she worked hard to promote understanding in the people she served, often those who had no opportunity for education. Hilda celebrated life in the promotion of the arts and music in the service of God. We walk in her footsteps in serving Jesus, teaching people through small groups and services the wonder of God’s purposes for us. We especially enjoy celebrating his goodness to us with the gifts of music and the arts. (See these webpages for more details)

If we can help you in any way don’t hesitate to contact us or drop in to a service sometime, we’d love to share with you the good things God has given us.

Yours Sincerely,
Geoff Collison