A week in the life of the Discipleship Pastor

Wednesday: My church week starts on Wednesday, which is my preparation day, so I try to get as much done as I can: writing my talk for KAPOW, preparing for Bible study, and writing questions for families to discuss at home when talking about God. There’s also a prayer meeting with the other staff, a meeting regarding the Toulmin’s visit, a meeting with our new admin assistant, and a pastoral visit as well (a pastoral visit is an intentional time with an individual, praying together about spiritual concerns and other matters on their hearts).
Thursday: Bible study today, and I am blessed to lead a growth group of ladies from all three congregations as we journey through God’s word together. This term we have looked at an overview of the Old Testament, focussing on God’s rescue plan to have God’s people, in God’s place, under God’s rule! Also, three pastoral visits in the afternoon.
Friday: A brief visit to KidzPlay, but most of the day I am preparing for KAPOW. This term we are looking at the book of Proverbs and the precious treasures we find there to keep in our hearts. We have looked at wisdom, trusting God, listening to God, parents and teachers, learning to control our anger, only using words that are true, and using words to build each other up, not tear people down. Today at KAPOW I am going to be the widow of Nain and recount how Jesus had compassion on me and brought my only son back to life.
The singing, talk and games at KAPOW go well, and we also spend time thinking together about how we can show compassion and kindness at home, school and work. I love that at KAPOW adults and kids learn together from the Bible, and how young and old encourage each other in their walk with God.
Next is dinner at Cattlefish, which means more time to fellowship with parents. Then after that I meet up with ex-KidZone and ex-KidzArtz parents, whose kids have now grown up.

Saturday: The day starts with a text from a parent whose child was acknowledged yesterday by their teacher at school for being “gentle, kind and a blessing to their class”. “That’s because I want to be like God and Jesus” the child told their parent. WOW! Thank you God for this child’s desire to be like you. Saturday afternoon brings a chance to catch up on admin and some pastoral phone calls.
Sunday: 8:30am, 10:30am and 5:30pm church services. I am not leading any services this week, but seek to encourage as many people as possible as we meet together today.
Monday: Most of Monday I teach flute at BMGS, but I still fit in preparation for the M.A.T.E. Day in November, as I have a meeting with the planning committee this coming Wednesday. There’s also preparation for the 10:30am service I am leading this coming Sunday.
Tuesday: Day off today! A chance to catch up on housework, before some much needed down time and rest! I deliberately use the day to be still, unwind and relax.
I love my role at church and feel privileged to be the Discipleship Pastor at St Hilda’s. “I thank Christ Jesus our Lord. He has given me the strength for my work because he knew he could trust me” (1 Timothy 1:12 CEV).

Robyn Glindemann

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